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    GCSE Results 2016

    Staff and Governors extend their congratulations to the Year 11 students who received their examination results on the 25 August.

    Once again we are delighted to report outstanding results.

    22% of year 11 students gained between 5 and 12 A*-A at GCSE, 18 of whom gained between 8-12 A*-A grades at GCSE. 26% of all GCSE grades were A*-A with 57% of the GCSE being A*-B grades.

    Overall 80% of students gained 5 or more A*-C GCSE passes including English and Mathematics this is 24% higher than the 2015 national figure for performance in this indicator.

    84% of our students gained 5 or more GCSEs at A*-C and the students sat an average of 10 GCSEs. Our Attainment score was 57.37. 84% achieved a good pass at GCSE in English and Mathematics.

    We continue to support students across a comprehensive ability range and this is demonstrated by outstanding progress figures. 93% of students made expected progress in English and 94% of students made expected progress in Mathematics. These figures are also well above national averages which in 2015 were 69% for English and 66% for Mathematics. Our Progress 8 score was 0.53, which places St Bernard’s in the top 6% of schools for progress at GCSE level. 29% of students achieved the English Baccalaureate.

    100% of students continued in education or training, or moved into employment at the end of their GCSE studies.

    Congratulations go to all our students for their hard work and achievement and we take this opportunity recognise the care and support given to them by parents, carers and the adults in the school in achieving such success.

    A Level Results 2016

    St Bernard’s Staff and Governors send their congratulations to Year 13 students on their achievements as the school reports continued A-level Success.

    A fifth of the grades at A Level were A* or A with almost half being A*-B and over three-quarters at grades A*-C.

    We continue to have an inclusive approach to admissions and are proud of the high pass rates across the broad range of A level subjects. In 2016 there is a 100% A2 pass rate in Applied ICT, Art, Biology, Graphics, Theatre Studies, Textiles, Media, English Combined, English Literature, Religious Studies, History, French, German, Spanish, Further Mathematics, Music, Physics, Physical Education and Sociology with an average of 98% pass rate across all subjects.

    The year 13 students gained an average of 823 pts, a 50 point increase on 2015 and the average point score per A Level entry remains as high at 218.7. The progress students made was exactly in line with other students nationally, and the average grade achieved was a C.

    Only one student needed to re-take her Mathematics GCSE, and this was achieved successfully, with a progress score of 1.00. No students were required to re-take English at GCSE level. 95% of the students who commenced Year 12 remained on roll at the end of Year 13.

    100% of students continued in education or training, or moved into employment at the end of their GCSE studies.

    Individual student successes are many and below are just some of the wide range of university courses being embarked upon by St Bernard’s students in 2016.

    Medicine at Kings College London University, Bradford University and University of East Anglia(UEA), Biochemistry at Warwick University, Physics at Exeter University ,Chemistry at Nottingham University, Loughborough University and Greenwich University, Law at St Mary’s Twickenham, Dental Nursing at Nottingham Trent University, Diagnostic Imaging at the University of the West of England, Philosophy & Music at Southampton University, Music at Cardiff  University, Chemistry & Mathematics at Southampton University, Chemical Engineering at Surrey University, Economics at UEA, German & Philosophy at Kings College London University, Drama & Theatre Arts at Birmingham University, English at St Mary’s Twickenham, English Literature at UEA, Performance Studies at Roehampton University, Film & Television Studies at Nottingham, Graphic Design at Lincoln University, Banking at Portsmouth, Accounting & Finance at Surrey University, Actuarial Science at UEA, Mathematics at Kent University, Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University and Fine Art at Hertfordshire University, Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding at University of the Arts London.



    ‘Endless opportunities involving leading and working with peers has developed my confidence as well as the ability to listen to the needs of others.’

    — Hannah Mason