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  • Isabel Aust

    Former Head Student

    I left St Bernard’s back in 2011, and I still miss it! The encouragement received from the teaching staff, as well as students, was outstanding and I constantly felt supported throughout all of lower school, and at sixth form.

    During my time at the school, I was given the opportunity to experiment in different areas of the curriculum, as well as develop creativity through activities such as the Passion play and debating competitions. One thing that sticks out about St Bernard’s is the level of care and attention received on an individual basis; the teaching staff really take time to understand each individual’s aspirations and they work their hardest to ensure these can be achieved.

    Since leaving St Bernard’s, I attended the University of Oxford and am now following a career with the Ministry of Justice. It was only with the support of the senior leadership team and my fellow students that I even considered applying to Oxford, and I genuinely don’t believe I would have achieved as much as I have done if it wasn’t for their help, encouragement and confidence in me.

    ‘When you are at school you do not realise what an impact your education will have on your life and the places it will take you.  St Bernard’s was a big part of my foundations.  If you have strong solid foundations, you can build anything you want, knock it down and re-build something new if you desire.  However, without good foundations, you will not build anything at all.’

    — Zoe Upson