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  • Key Stage 3

    Further details can be found in our Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information booklet

    St Bernard’s High School has an exciting and creative skills based curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.  It provides challenging and creative learning in the school, in the outdoor environment and in the local community and beyond.  As well as raising achievements in all subjects our curriculum equips learners with the skills that they will need to succeed in education, life and work. The main principles of our curriculum are outlined below:-

    • The curriculum has the following characteristics: breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity coherence.
    • The curriculum promotes knowledge and understanding; mastery of intellectual, physical and interpersonal skills and personal qualities, values and attitudes.
    • Equality of access for all students to all experiences.
    • The school provides appropriate tasks and teaching techniques to support high expectations and appropriate challenges.
    • Parents are provided with curriculum information relevant to their child.
    • The curriculum is subject to planned evaluation and review.
    • Provision is made within the school for all students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities.

    St Bernard’s High School is a Catholic Academy for Arts and Science.  The specialist curriculum areas are a significant aspect of the school’s distinctive identity and inspiration and the school is committed to:

    • Extending the range of curricular opportunities in the Arts and Science available to students which best meets their needs and interest;
    • Provide appropriate learning pathways to develop skills needed to be active citizens within an increasingly scientific world in which the Arts are accessible to all;
    • Developing curriculum linked learning e.g. visual arts and applied design; Arts and Science, Visual Arts and Performing Arts;
    • Developing a unique identity which is reflected in the School’s mission statement;
    • Benefiting other schools in the area, both secondary and primary;
    • Strengthening the links between schools and the wider community.

    As a Catholic school St Bernard’s wishes to assist young people in their journey of faith. We share with all our students the Catholic vision of life through a structured programme of Religious Education. The aim is to help students know and understand this tradition in a clear and more comprehensive way. The Religious Education Programmes of Study supports and helps strengthen the ethos of the school, and the partnership between family, parish and school.

    In the June 2012 Report, Ofsted quoted “The Academy has developed an imaginative curriculum which is very relevant to students’ needs and provides an exciting range of activitities.  The Academy’s specialist status ensures there is additional provision in the Arts and Science.”

    Curriculum Enrichment in STEM

    Every year during March, the school celebrates National Science and Engineering week with our very own STEM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We believe that developing STEM skills will open doors to a rich diversity of opportunities and widen aspirations for all our students.  During the week the students will be given the opportunity to:

    • Work with professionals, in particular successful professional women who have chosen STEM careers.
    • Meet with former students of St Bernard’s who have chosen a wide range of exciting STEM careers.
    • See how STEM relates to all curriculum subjects.
    • Discover exciting STEM subjects outside of the school curriculum.
    • See how STEM links to sport and fitness, both recreationally and professionally.
    • Meet and work with Science/Science Fiction authors.

    Curriculum Enrichment in Arts

    We believe that every student should be taught to be creative and appreciative of the Arts in the widest sense of the word, and that this appreciation allows our students to develop a greater and more sophisticated understanding of the world around them.

    The curriculum in Arts is enhanced by running a biannual Arts Week which gives the students opportunities to experience new art forms from different cultures. During the week the students will be given the opportunity to:

    • Work with professional artists, musicians and dancers.
    • Experience live theatre and performance.
    • Work collaboratively.
    • Explore the arts within all curriculum areas.
    • Meet and work with authors.

    Further details can be found in our Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information booklet

    ‘When you are at school you do not realise what an impact your education will have on your life and the places it will take you.  St Bernard’s was a big part of my foundations.  If you have strong solid foundations, you can build anything you want, knock it down and re-build something new if you desire.  However, without good foundations, you will not build anything at all.’

    — Zoe Upson