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  • Key Stage 4

    Further information can be found in our Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information Booklet

    The Key Stage four curriculum is designed to ensure that all students receive a broad, balanced and relevant educational experience—one which fits them for life long learning in an ever changing technological society.  In addition, as a school with a religious character, we also believe that the spiritual and moral dimension of education is essential.  The courses we are offering reflect these two ideas.

    Every student follows a core curriculum.  This consists of:-

    Religious Studies

    English Literature


    Applied Design/Visual Arts

    Modern Foreign Language

    Personal, Social & Health Education*


    Physical Education*



    *Personal, Social & Health Education and Physical Education are non-GCSE courses.

    Within Applied Design there are four distinct courses.  The student studies only one of these:-

    • Food Technology
    • Textiles Technology
    • Graphic Products
    • 3-Dimensional Art


    The student has chosen two subjects from the following list:-

    Art and Design






    Extended Science

    Physical Education (GCSE)


    BTEC level 2 certification in sport

    Health and Social Care



    Some students will have the opportunity to extend and enrich their curriculum by studying Statistics and/or Astronomy.  There is also a course for Caring for Children and Young People (CACHE) which may be studied by some students on recommendation by the Head of Inclusion.

    Further information can be found in our Key Stage 4 Curriculum Information Booklet

    Details of the controlled assessment timetable will be published and can be accessed from here when this happens

    ‘When you are at school you do not realise what an impact your education will have on your life and the places it will take you.  St Bernard’s was a big part of my foundations.  If you have strong solid foundations, you can build anything you want, knock it down and re-build something new if you desire.  However, without good foundations, you will not build anything at all.’

    — Zoe Upson