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  • 16-19 Study Programme

    All students at St Bernard’s are enrolled on a study programme, which typically combines qualifications and other activities, and is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals. Students who immerse themselves in the life of the school, thrive. In addition to a strong academic base the study programme delivers valuable soft skills required for further study or the world of work. At St Bernard’s our study programmes combine the following elements:

    1.   Qualifications

    Students are able to study a combination of 3 or 4 Level 3 courses at St Bernard’s including a range of A level subjects and Btec courses.

    2.   English and Mathematics

    English and Mathematics are essential skills for the future. Students who have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4 in one or both of these subjects are supported in continuing their study to achieve this.

    3.   Careers Advice and Opportunities, UCAS guidance and Work Experience

    A bespoke programme of Careers Education and Guidance is provided for our students, offering a range of experiences designed to prepare them for their options once they leave us. All students have the opportunity to have a Careers Guidance Interview with our Careers Coordinator in Years 12 and 13.

    4.   Personal Development and Enrichment


    All students receive a comprehensive series of Personal, Social and Health Education lessons throughout their time in Sixth Form. This covers a range of topics such as: study skills, first aid, gambling, sexism and misogyny, internet safety, danger of carrying weapons, mental health and wellbeing, dementia and FGM.

           Religious Studies

    In line with our school ethos, students also attend regular General Religious Studies lessons where they have opportunities to explore moral and ethical issues that come up in society today, such as euthanasia and crime and punishment. They also look at things that religious people take part in across different religions such as pilgrimage and festivals.

    ​​​​​​       Extended Project Qualification

    Tutor time

    Students benefit from time as a group with their form tutors each morning where they complete a range of activities including a weekly quiz, discussion of current affairs, mentoring conversations, prayer and discussion of the theme of the week.


           Duke of Edinburgh

    St Bernard’s is fortunate to have a dedicated and well-qualified Expedition Team who recognise the benefits that these opportunities afford to students.  The Team run successful Bronze, Silver and Gold Expeditions and training open to all students who wish to take part.

    At Sixth Form, students are invited to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. 

    There are opportunities for keen participants to improve their leadership skills by supporting Bronze participants – at after school training sessions, training walks and expeditions.



           Arts Leaders Award

    Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible and is another award that students can get involved in at the school.

    Students will research the world of the arts and take individual responsibility for leading an arts project.

          Sports Leader

    The Sports Leader Award gives opportunities to lead groups in safe sporting and recreational activity, encouraging responsibility for others, developing organisational and communication skills and instilling confidence in people for whom leading groups in sporting activities is a new experience. The majority of the course is practical in nature with an emphasis on learning through doing.

    NEW - Introduction to Counselling Skills

    The Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Skills course provides learners with an introduction to basic counselling. This course provides students with an insight into counselling work and helps them consider if they wish to train to become a counsellor.

          Other Leadership Roles

    • Head Student & Deputy Head Students apply, interview and then campaign in January of Year 12. The team are elected as a result of a whole school vote giving students experience of democracy and an election process.

           Roles of responsibility

    • Learning Ambassadors – Sixth Form students apply for this role to support younger students in the school
    • Form captains
    • School Council Representatives
    • Liturgy Prefects and House Captains are central to the ethos of the school
    • Senior Librarians

    Paid roles:

    • Welcome Ministry – A Unique role to St Bernard’s, Sixth Form students can take on the responsibility of welcoming and ensuring the safety of students coming into school in the mornings.
    • Subject Mentors – Academically able Sixth Form students may be offered the opportunity to work with GCSE students to provide additional subject coaching and intervention.

    "School is for learning not just educational but human behaviour too. Treat people with respect and kindness".

    — Olivia, Year 7