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  • 2022 Offer Holders


    Dear Prospective Sixth Form Student,

    Welcome to the St Bernard’s High School community!

    St Bernard’s has a long tradition of successfully providing a holistic Catholic education to all within our mixed sixth form which has at its heart our two school mottos Dieu Mon Abri (God my shelter) and ‘to love one another as I have loved you.’   

    High educational standards alongside all-encompassing pastoral care make St Bernard’s more than a school – we are a family!  We recognise and seek to further develop, deepen and nurture the individual talents and abilities of all of our students whilst exposing them to the endless possibilities for their futures.  We prioritise getting to know our students as we understand our role in helping and guiding them towards their chosen paths enabling them to have professionally and personally fulfilling lives.  I am supported by a committed and talented staff who share in this vision and know how vital it is for us to know your  capabilities and how we support you to meet and excel against challenging targets.  Every sixth form student matters to our school community. 

    As Headteacher, I am ambitious for every young person who enters the doors of St Bernard’s.  I bring my passion for education, energy and enthusiasm to my role as Headteacher at St Bernard’s so that all may continue to see the St Bernard’s community flourish.

    I believe that joining St Bernard’s sixth form is a major decision in your life.  You will develop academically, spiritually and socially, and it is important to us that you feel happy and safe, and that you thrive within the environment you choose.  I am confident that you will feel this way about St Bernard’s sixth form, and I look forward to welcoming you in future.

    I wish you every success in the coming academic year.

    Warm regards

    Allison Moise-Dixon


    2022 Offer Holders

    Congratulations on your place at St Bernard’s. Letters are currently in the process of being sent out to students with a confirmed place at St Bernard’s. Below you will find essential information for the start of term.

    The new academic year and your induction will begin on Monday 5th September 2022.  Please arrive at school 9:10 am and enter via the Milton Road Gate ready for assembly at 9:30am. Following a morning of Induction activities, you will have your first lesson in the afternoon and will be able to leave at the normal time of 3:30pm.

    It is my pleasure to formally welcome you to the Sixth Form.  Congratulations on your recent GCSE success and I hope you recognise that you have the natural ability and talent to take advantage of the new academic and leadership opportunities available to you as a Sixth Former.  During the induction period we will give you more detailed guidance on these opportunities and your tutor will be a crucial link to helping you to bridge the gap between the academic expectations at GCSE and A level.  Our central aim is to support and guide you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

    St Bernard's High School is a Catholic Academy for the Arts and Sciences.  The inclusive ethos runs through everything we do and we are guided by Jesus' teaching "love one another as I have loved you".  In practical terms this means that all members of the community are encouraged to develop their own spirituality and reflect on the values of respect, service and justice. As a Catholic learning community, all students are expected to participate in timetabled R.E. lessons and to participate in collective worship.

    The Sixth Form at St Bernard's prides itself on the strong support strategies which have been developed and on which we continue to expand. The expectations for success within the Sixth Form are very high.  Students who work hard, give of their best and access support can expect to do well.

    Whether previously a student in the main school, or coming from other schools, you will find St Bernard's a friendly place to continue your learning and development.  I am positive that you will enjoy your experiences here and that you will be able to make a significant contribution to both the Sixth Form and the whole school.  To support you in the first few weeks we will ensure that you have the necessary guidance to settle in well.

    During Induction, all Sixth Form students will be issued with a student planner which will support you in making the transition with lots of useful information and in keeping organised.  You will also be introduced to your Form Tutor who will highlight the policies, expectations and mechanisms for support.

    Uniform Expectations

    There is a clear dress code within the Sixth Form, which has been developed in consultation with the students themselves.  Sixth Form students are ambassadors and role models for the whole school and should dress appropriately.  Please see below our Sixth form uniform. 

    Blouse                                   White shirt with a collar to be buttoned to the collar.

    Skirt/Trousers                  A black knee-length pleated skirt from any retailer or full length, black, tailored trousers.

    Tie                                           New St Bernard’s Sixth Form tie – one tie per student will be provided by the school, if this is lost or damaged students will need to buy a replacement from the school shop.

    Jumper/cardigan           Plain V-neck black knitted jumper or waist-length cardigan (no logos or branding).

    Tights                                    Plain tights (Black or ‘natural’ coloured) or socks (black or white to be worn below the knee).

    Blazer                                    Black blazer from Paul’s Uniform Shop, Southchurch Road, remains optional.

    Shoes                                    A traditional or proper pair of shoes should be worn and these should be black.  Specifically excluded are high heels, trainers or pump style footwear (e.g. Vans), baseball style (e.g. Converse), Ugg style boots, Timberland style boots and flip flops.

    Make-up                               If make up is to be worn, it should be subtle and appropriate for a professional environment.

    Coat                                        A plain coat in a single dark colour in a style suitable for school.  (No leather, denim or sweatshirts may be worn).


    Piercings should be confined to earrings only; specifically excluded are stretchers for Health & Safety reasons.

    No facial piercings (e.g. nose, lip or eyebrow) is allowed.

    Hair Colour

    Hair needs to be of natural colour.  Extreme colours (e.g. blue, pink) are not allowed.


    Coats are not to be worn in lessons or around the school – they are to be left in lockers until the end of the day.  They can be retrieved and returned to lockers at lunchtime if leaving school.

    With the exception of the tie and optional blazer, all items of uniform can be purchased from any retailer.

    Admission and Enrolment

    The online Admission and enrolment form should now be completed if you have not already done so – an email will be sent to you with further details over the next few days, so please keep checking your junk mail and inbox. Information on Bursaries can be found on the website and an application form is attached to this letter if you feel you may be eligible. 

    Enjoy your time in the Sixth Form, work hard and aspire to be the very best you can.

    "Thank you teachers for making us feel safe and welcomed in our start to Year 7."

    — Sarah & Alexandra, Year 7