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    Assessment Ladders at KS3

    In this section of the website, you have access to the Assessment Ladders  for each subject at KS3:

    Art, Citizenship, Computing, Drama, English, Food Technology, Geography, Graphics, History, Mathematics, MFL, Music, PE, RE, Science Textiles.

    Each Assessment Ladder has a description of the skills, knowledge and understanding expected at each point on the Assessment Ladder. 

    All the Assessment Ladders are based on the new National Curriculum for KS3 and have taken into consideration the progression to the new GCSEs currently being implemented in Years 10-11 with the grading system 9-1 replacing A*-G.

    We have a cycle of review and revision, therefore all Assessment Ladders may be subject to modification as we go into the new academic year.

    Here at St Bernard’s High School we expect students to make 3-4 points of progress between entry at Year 7 and GCSE at Year 11.

    "St Bernard's is a unique school which offers subjects that have indefinitely carved my education and who I am. It has led me onto a path that no other school would be able to offer. The support from my teachers combined with the school's encouraging atmosphere gives me motivation to work hard and strive for the best every day in everything I do". 

    — Sophia (Deputy Head Student, Year 13)