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  • Hannah Mason

    Hannah was Head Student 2013/14

    ‘Being a student at St Bernard’s provides endless opportunities to lead others and also to work with others in various activities. Students are always encouraged to take on roles such as Form Captain or Charity Prefect within their forms, as well as training to become a Buddy in Year 9 for new Year 7 girls, and applying to become Prefects and Senior Prefects in Year 10. These experiences of working with and leading others inspired me to apply to become the Head Student in Year 12, and the way in which candidates campaigned and are elected is different to many schools as every student and member of staff can vote. My work as Head Student has given me confidence, especially in public speaking, and has allowed me to work with my whole year group in organising RAG Month, the Passion Play, and the Christmas Dinner. The roles students can take on in the younger years helps to build on those leadership qualities needed to be in the Head Student Team or to be a House Captain, but they also develop listening skills and the ability to work effectively with peers.’

    ‘Endless opportunities involving leading and working with peers has developed my confidence as well as the ability to listen to the needs of others.’

    "Thank you teachers for making us feel safe and welcomed in our start to Year 7."

    — Sarah & Alexandra, Year 7