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  • Key Stage 3

    Further details can be found in our Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information booklet at the bottom of this page.  Additional information is available from our Assistant Head Teacher in charge of curriculum, Mrs Bennett, at:

    St Bernard’s High School has a three-year Key Stage 3 curriculum that meets the needs of all learners.  It provides challenging and creative learning in the school, in the outdoor environment and in the local community and beyond.  As well as providing a secure foundation for achievement in Key Stage 4, our curriculum equips learners with the skills that they will need to succeed in education, life and work. The main principles of our curriculum are outlined below:-

    • The curriculum has the following characteristics: breadth, balance, relevance, differentiation, progression and continuity coherence.
    • The curriculum promotes knowledge and understanding; mastery of intellectual, physical and interpersonal skills and personal qualities, values and attitudes.
    • Equality of access for all students.
    • The school provides appropriate tasks and teaching techniques to support high expectations and appropriate challenges.
    • Parents are provided with curriculum information relevant to their child.
    • The curriculum is subject to planned evaluation and review by senior staff, and the governors’ Teaching & Learning Committee.
    • Provision is made within the school for all students with learning difficulties and disabilities.
    • The curriculum includes strong representation from the arts, languages and technology areas of the curriculum, in order to develop all aspects of students’ skills, knowledge and understanding.  Students study: Religious Education, English, mathematics, Science, technology, a foreign language, Geography, History, PE, Art, Music, Dance, and Drama.

    A full tutorial programme is offered which focuses on the needs of young adults as they they progress in their education, and helps them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to understand and participate in their local community. Students have regular tutorial time each week covering PSHE / RSE topics, as well as preparation for the next stages in their learning journey.

    As a Catholic school St Bernard’s wishes to assist young people in their journey of faith. We share with all our students the Catholic vision of life through a structured programme of Religious Education. The aim is to help students know and understand this tradition in a clear and more comprehensive way. The Religious Education Programmes of Study supports and helps strengthen the ethos of the school, and the partnership between family, parish and school.

    Many extracurricular activities are available: approximately 120 students undertake the Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. Some students undertake the Arts Leader award. Clubs in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Photography are available, as well as sports teams and revision classes. The library and computer rooms are available at lunchtimes, with study facilities also available before and after the school day.

    "School is for learning not just educational but human behaviour too. Treat people with respect and kindness".

    — Olivia, Year 7