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  • Key Stage 3 & 4

    Year 7 - 11 Admissions

    Quotes by year 7 students

    “On my first day at St Bernard’s High School I was terrified of getting lost and much more, however it felt good to know that I was taking a new step in life and that it wasn’t just me who felt scared – lots of year 7’s felt exactly  the same.  All the teachers are very helpful as well as the other pupils, and you have year 10 Buddies to help you around the school.  Buddies will help resolve any problems you have, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about.”

    “My Form Tutor is really nice and I have made lots of friends and I have also become part of the school community.  I have also learnt many things, such as how to speak German, how to act, cook and make things in Textiles and Art.”

    “I really like my Form Tutor; she is really caring.  She listens to all our problems and always helps us – I can tell her anything.  I am proud to be a member of this school.”

    “St Bernard’s is amazing!  I am happy that I came here.  I do miss my old school, but this school is so much bigger with more people and lots of interesting subjects to learn.  The teachers are really kind and friendly and my form tutor is really sweet and caring.  She always helps you when you need her.  All of the other teachers are friendly and they try to make things less complicated.”

    “Before I came to St Bernard’s I didn’t know what to expect; I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the work hard or easy and I wasn’t sure if people were going to be my friend or not.  Then on my first day I knew that I was going to like it here.  I remember, when I got home, my Mum asked me, “How was your day?” and, “Did you make any friends?”  and all I said was “I love it” because I really did!  Now, every morning when I wake up, I think about everyone at school and I jump out of bed really excited about the day I am about to have.  I feel like every day is a new adventure.”

    “When I first came to St Bernard’s I started later than everyone else – after the Christmas holidays – and I was worried that I would be the odd one out.  However, I received a very warm welcome and I only got lost once, but luckily my friends found me.  It was really easy starting at St Bernard’s – everyone was supportive and it was not stressful at all.”


    "St Bernard’s has provided me with many opportunities which I will always be grateful for. The ethos of the school brings about a welcoming and comforting environment with both students and teachers playing their own roles. St Bernard’s is definitely a community I’m proud to be apart".

    — Emma (Deputy Head Student, Year 13)