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  • Staff

    SENIOR Leadership TEAM

    Mrs A Moise-Dixon

    Head Teacher
    Mrs H Barnes Deputy Head Teacher
    Mrs M Allitt Deputy Head Teacher
    Mrs C O'Brien Assistant Head Teacher
    Mrs S Jackson Assistant Head Teacher
    Miss E March Assistant Head Teacher

    Teaching Staff

    Miss D Abankwa MFL
    Mrs T Abel Head of RE
    Miss A Alessi MFL
    Mrs S Alexander Head of Year 9/Head of Dance
    Mrs S Armstrong Geography
    Miss A Askew English
    Mrs L Barrett-Porter Head of English
    Mr A Bartlett Head of Geography
    Mrs M Bell Head of Drama
    Mrs L Berridge Head of Psychology
    Mr T Bremner Maths 1:1
    Mr D Browne History
    Mrs A Castellino MFL
    Mr A Clarkson-Hull Head of Chemistry
    Miss T Clarke Head of PE
    Miss E Dellaporta Art
    Miss O Donnell Head of Year 11/RE 
    Mr J Dorothy Science
    Mrs L Dowman Health & Social Care 
    Miss A Dubois Head of MFL / Business & Computing
    Miss N Englander Technology
    Miss H Escott English 
    Miss R Evans Mathematics
    Mrs A Every Art
    Ms L Flaherty History / Sociology
    Mr M Galton Head of Art
    Mrs J Githu Music
    Mr P Goodfellow Head of Science
    Miss S Hill Head of Year 7 / PE
    Mrs S Jackson English
    Mrs A Jennings Maths
    Ms M Klein RE
    Mrs E Lebeter Drama
    Ms K Lynch Head of History
    Mr B Maddison Computing/Business
    Miss L Matin English
    Mrs T May Science
    Mrs S McCurdy RE
    Miss C Memery Head of Y10/English
    Mr J Miller Head of Mathematics
    Mrs R Moore Head of Business / Computing
    Mrs R Morrison Science
    Mrs L Panter Second in Science
    Mrs S Phillips Second in English
    Mrs C Rainey Technology
    Miss S Riddell Technology
    Mr W Robinson Science
    Miss S Simmonds Second in RE
    Mrs S Stanborough Head of Technology
    Mrs A Stenhouse Business Studies & ICT
    Mr P Thompson Mathematics
    Mrs C Tobin Head of Sociology
    Mr R Waughman Mathematics
    Miss C Webb PE
    Mrs L Whittle Head of Inclusion/SENCO, History
    Mrs A Wood Mathematics/PE

    Support Staff

    Mrs N Attridge Midday Supervisor
    Mrs Z Booker PA to the Head Teacher & HR Lead
    Miss K Brown Exams Officer
    Miss A Bulheller Finance Officer
    Mrs C Caswell Cover and Medical Officer
    Mrs S Clancy Duke of Edinburgh's Award Co-ordinator
    Mrs D Cone Catering Assistant
    Mrs S Crowe Catering Assistant
    Mrs A Davey Catering Assistant
    Mr M Elmes Senior Caretaker
    Mrs G Fiore LSA
    Mr D George General Handyman
    Mr P Glassock Caretaker
    Mrs J Golding Catering Manager
    Mrs K Grant Librarian
    Miss J Green Finance Assistant
    Mrs A Harding Administration/Reception
    Miss S Harding Midday Supervisor/Catering Assistant
    Mr K Harris Caretaker
    Mrs K Henderson Learning Mentor KS4
    Mrs J Higgs Senior LSA — Numeracy
    Ms A Jarboui Sixth Form Study Supervisor/Administrator
    Mrs B Johnson Data Manager
    Mrs L Kean LSA
    Mrs A King Librarian
    Miss D Law Learning Mentor
    Mrs H Li Careers Co-ordinator
    Miss H MacDonald LSA
    Mr C Macgregor Science Technician
    Mrs S Martin LSA
    Miss A May Science Technician
    Mr S Mayne Science Technician
    Mrs M Miller Art & Graphics Technician
    Ms T Miller Receptionist
    Mrs L Morgan Catering Assistant
    Miss S Neave Catering Assistant
    Mrs K Neill Senior Administrator
    Mrs J Powell Librarian
    Ms N Robinson Senior Receptionist
    Mrs H Samuels Office Manager
    Mrs K Shields LSA
    Mrs A Short Food & Textiles Technician
    Mr D Simmons-Marsh ICT Technician
    Miss A Smith LSA
    Mrs J Smith Catering Assistant
    Mrs M Smith Catering Assistant
    Mr J Stockwell Cook
    Miss M Tearrell Reprographics Technician
    Mrs E Urquhart Learning Mentor
    Mrs A Waddy-Smith LSA
    Ms L Wagstaff EAL Co-ordinator
    Mrs J Weald HR Administrator
    Mr M Woolner Senior ICT Technician
    Miss H Wright-Laycock Learning Support Assistant


    Mrs J Halsall
    Mrs F Maltby
    Mr D Mortimer
    Mrs C O'Shaughnessy
    Mrs C Sweeney


    Mrs C Golding Saxophone
    Mrs L Summers Violin
    Mrs H Thompson Singing
    Mrs L Walsh Flute


    "Thank you teachers for making us feel safe and welcomed in our start to Year 7."

    — Sarah & Alexandra, Year 7