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  • Staff


    Mr A Sharpe

    Head Teacher
    Mrs H Barnes Assistant Head Teacher
    Mrs H Bennett Assistant Head Teacher
    Mrs J Krone School Business Manager
    Mrs C O'Brien Assistant Head Teacher
    Miss A Clancy Assistant Head Teacher

    Teaching Staff

    Mrs T Abel Head of RE
    Miss A Alessi MFL
    Mrs S Armstrong Geography
    Mrs S Alexander Head of Year 9/Head of Dance
    Mrs L Barrett-Porter Head of English
    Mr A Bartlett Head of Geography
    Mrs M Bell Head of Drama
    Mrs L Berridge Head of Psychology
    Mrs S Bhambra English
    Miss J Bicknell English 1:1
    Mr D Browne History
    Miss C Burling Technology
    Mrs A Castellino MFL
    Miss J Chapman Head of Music
    Mr A Clarkson Head of Chemistry
    Miss T Clarke Head of PE
    Mrs J Claxton RE
    Ms S Connelly Head of Year 8/RE
    Miss E Dellaporta Art
    Miss O Donnell Head of Year 11/RE 
    Miss N Englander Technology
    Miss R Evans Mathematics
    Mrs A Every Art
    Mr C Fisher Geography
    Ms L Flaherty History
    Mr M Galton Head of Art
    Mrs J Githu Music
    Mr P Goodfellow Head of Science
    Mrs S Jackson English
    Miss A James Head of Year 7/Second in Mathematics
    Mrs A Jennings Maths
    Mrs G Johnson Food & Nutrition
    Mrs E Lebeter Drama
    Mr B Maddison Computing/Business
    Miss E March Head of Mathematics
    Miss L Matin English
    Mrs T May Science
    Mrs S McCurdy RE
    Miss C Memery Head of Y10/English
    Mrs R Morrison Science
    Miss C Mullor Navarro MFL
    Miss D Onimisi Technology
    Mrs L Panter Head of Biology
    Mrs S Perkins Head of Sociology/History
    Miss A Perles MFL
    Mrs S Phillips Second in English
    Miss S Riddell Technology
    Mrs E Rix Head of History
    Mr W Robinson Science
    Mrs S Stanborough Head of Technology
    Mrs A Stenhouse Business Studies & ICT
    Mrs A Thomas Maths 1:1 
    Mr P Thompson Mathematics
    Miss S Vennero Head of MFL
    Mr R Waughman Mathematics
    Miss C Webb PE
    Mrs L Whittle Head of Inclusion/SENCO, History
    Mr T Wichard Science
    Mrs A Wonnacott Head of Health & Social Care
    Mrs A Wood Mathematics/PE

    Support Staff

    Mrs N Attridge Midday Supervisor
    Mrs E Barnes Food/Textiles Technician
    Mrs Z Booker PA to the Head Teacher
    Mrs D Brook KS4/5 Learning Coach
    Miss A Bulheller Finance Officer
    Mrs L Christie Learning Mentor
    Mrs S Clancy

    Executive Assistant to Head Teacher /
    Clerk to the Governors /
    Duke of Edinburgh's Award Co-ordinator

    Mrs D Cone Catering Assistant
    Mrs S Crowe Catering Assistant
    Mrs A Davey Catering Assistant
    Mrs H Davies Careers Co-ordinator
    Mr M Elmes Senior Caretaker
    Mrs G Fiore LSA
    Mrs C Foy Science Technician
    Mr D George General Handyman
    Mr P Glassock Caretaker
    Mrs J Golding Catering Manager
    Mrs S Grant Cover Supervisor
    Miss J Green Finance Assistant
    Mrs A Harding Administration/Reception
    Mr K Harris Caretaker
    Mrs K Henderson Learning Mentor KS4
    Mrs J Higgs Senior LSA — Numeracy
    Mrs L Joyce EAL Co-ordinator
    Mrs A King Librarian
    Mr C Macgregor Science Technician
    Mrs S Martin LSA
    Miss A May Science Technician
    Mrs L McFee Schools Administrator (Exams)
    Mrs M Miller Art & Graphics Technician
    Mrs L Morgan Catering Assistant
    Mrs S Neave Midday Supervisor
    Mrs K Neill Senior Administrator
    Miss E Newton Catering Assistant
    Mrs J Powell Librarian
    Ms N Robinson Receptionist
    Mrs K Shields LSA
    Mrs M Smith Catering Assistant
    Ms C Smyth Student Data Manager
    Mr J Stockwell Cook
    Miss M Tearrell Reprographics Technician
    Miss E Treadway Learning Mentor
    Mrs A Waddy-Smith LSA
    Mrs J Weald Senior Secretary
    Mr J Webber Music Technician
    Mr B Williams ICT Technician
    Mr M Woolner ICT Technician


    Mr R Dawson
    Mr J Dorothy
    Mrs L Dowman
    Mrs J Halsall
    Miss J Kennedy
    Mr E King
    Mrs F Maltby
    Mr D Mortimer
    Mrs C O'Shaughnessy
    Mrs D Roberts
    Mrs C Spillett
    Mrs C Sweeney


    Mrs D Emmerson Piano
    Mrs C Golding Saxophone
    Mrs R Grosvenor Piano
    Mrs L Summers Violin
    Mrs H Thompson Singing
    Mrs L Walsh Flute


    "St Bernard's has a great sixth form. The staff are really helpful, providing the students with information about various opportunities that can help us throughout our years here. The staff and the students are welcoming and make the transition to year 12 really easy. I couldn't imagine being at any other sixth form".

    — Year 12 Student